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A brief overview of karaoke DJ hire and karaoke machine hire and equipment rental follows.

Mobile Karaoke DJ Hire

Karaoke DJ hire

A mobile karaoke DJ will provide a complete karaoke setup for your event, providing all necessary equipment, music and backing tracks and host the event for you.

Usually the karaoke will be combined with a disco to generate a great atmosphere throughout the event.

A mobile karaoke DJ is the hassle free way to enjoy a great evening of music and singing without having to worry about equipment setup, what music to play, changing discs and trying to keep everybody happy.

Typically any karaoke event bigger than a small house party is better suited to hiring a mobile karaoke DJ.

Not all karaokes are created equal. The difference in quality between karaoke setups can vary immensely. It is important to do a little research before booking your karaoke DJ to ensure the success of your event. A poor quality or badly run karaoke can do more harm than good so any time spent choosing your supplier wisely is time well spent. Please see our advice for choosing karaoke DJ hire on our Karaoke DJ Hire page. Remember, like most things, you typically get what you pay for so don't be tempted to simply choose the cheapest supplier in your area. This can be a recipe for disappointment.

Karaoke Machine Hire and Equipment Rental

Karaoke machine hire for DIY use

Karaoke machines available for hire vary a great deal in terms of their features, sound quality, usability and song selections. It is important you know what you want from your karaoke setup before deciding which machine to hire.

Small karaoke machines, such as those you might purchase on the high street, are generally not suitable for anything but the smallest of karaoke parties as the sound quality and performance is often quite poor compared with more professional setups.

A karaoke machine hire company should provide good quality, professional equipment that is suitable for the venue size and number of people at your event. Equipment suitable for very small venues or house parties is available that is very simple to setup and operate. Equipment for larger venues generally needs setting up for you and requires more knowledge to operate.

Consider your room size, sound quality required, features required such as key change or MP3 player inputs, song selection required and the amount of setup and interaction required when making your choice.