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Site Performance Update

During the past 6 months this website has received over 3,200 visitors.

All of our visitors are specifically looking for karaoke hire services.

Quarterly visitor numbers for the last 3 quarters are as follows:-

Jan to Mar 2024, 1,700 visitors
Oct to Dec 2023, 1,500 visitors
Jul to Sep 2023, 1,700 visitors

Site Changes & Improvements

We're working hard to ensure that our site is well placed to send as many potential customers your way as possible.

Recent site updates include:-

Entire site now mobile friendly for viewing clearly on all devices
Layout of listings changed for clearer viewing on mobile devices
Forms updated to make easier to use, especially for choosing areas of coverage
Site moved to secure HTTPS domain
Site updated to the latest PHP version for security, features and support
Additional security measures to stop scraping of email addresses from listings
All coding fully compliant with 2020 HTML5 W3C standards and error free

Some of these changes are very important to ensure we keep our high rankings in the search engines.
We continually monitor our site's performance and keep track of important web industry changes.

Google, Bing and Yahoo Performance Update

We continue to secure page 1 positions in the major search engines for the most popular keywords used by people searching for karaoke hire services. In most cases, Google, Bing and Yahoo list us in the top few places of their natural search results.

Why not search for karaoke hire in your areas of coverage on Google, Yahoo and Bing and see if we're on Page 1?
If we are, we can definitely help your business!

Your Reviews & Testimonials

If you have reviews of your services online, either on your own or 3rd party website, you can indicate this to our visitors via the Reviews indicator showing on all listings. You can also directly link the indicator to your reviews page.

To make use of this feature, simply update your details and in the "Reviews Available Online' field, enter 'Yes' and in the "Reviews Link URL" field enter the full web address for your reviews page.

Unlimited Coverage Advertising Options

For those businesses covering 5 areas or more, our Unlimited Coverage options are ideal.

Upgrade unlimited areas to Silver listings for a total cost of just £5 per month!
Upgrade unlimited areas to Gold listings for a total cost of just £15 per month!

These options represent amazing value and opportunity for your business.

Just one typical karaoke job would pay for unlimited Silver listings for over 2 years!
Just one typical karaoke job would pay for unlimited Gold listings for over 9 months!

To take advantage of these options, simply update your details and select Silver or Gold listings in all your areas of coverage. If you submit 5 or more areas, we will issue you with the appropriate payment link for the Unlimited Coverage option.

County Pages

County pages automatically include all businesses listed in any of the towns within the county.
You don't need to do anything to be included on these pages.

Fantastic Testimonials!

May we take this opportunity to thank those members who have taken the time to provide us with valuable feedback regarding our site. It is very satisfying to know that we are making a difference to your business.

You will find testimonials towards the top of our Advertiser's page.

We know from analysiing our site performance and from speaking with some of our members that many enquiries are being generated by our site and being converted by our members into paying customers. This is fantastic news and confirms our commitment to providing the most cost-effective online advertising for karaoke hire businesses in the UK.

We will continue developing and marketing this directory on your behalf to get your business in front of as many potential customers as possible.

Update Page For Making Quick and Easy Amendments

Don't forget you can quickly and easily update your listing details by simply logging in on the Login page using your business name and password and making any desired amendments.

All amendments are still manually checked before going live to ensure quality and consistency across the site. You will receive an email from us when your amendments go live.

Please Check You're Up-To-Date

Please take a moment to check your details are up-to-date in your listings.
To check your details and make any amendments please login here.

Options to improve the positioning of your listing can be found on our advertisers page.

Until Next Time...

Thanks again for continuing to advertise with us and we look forward to continuing to develop this website and growing our visitor numbers to help you get more business.

If you have any questions regarding our website or suggestions for its development, please drop us an email. We always enjoy hearing from our members!

Thank you!